Fedorov and Basque voiced Barbie and Ken

Fedorov and Basque voiced Barbie and Ken Nikolay Baskov and Oksana Fedorova decided to show his fans that they know how to kiss in public places, and to give interviews to journalists, but also to work productively together.The main blonde of the country and Miss universe will be the voice of the dolls in the full-length cartoon Disney/Pixar "Toy Story: the Great Escape". Oksana got the role of Barbie doll and her everlasting boyfriend Ken will speak with the voice of Nikolai Baskov.By the way, the voice of Oksana Fedorova will say it is not the first cartoon character in the disney cartoon "Fairies" beautiful voiced Queen of the fairies.But for Nikolai Baskov voice glamorous fashionista Ken will be the first experience. Hero Baskov lives in a kindergarten "the Sun" in the toy mansion, complete with different outfits. Nicholas claims that he himself is very similar to your character. Especially in terms of divine love for all kinds of clothing and disguises.Source: Fedorova and Basque voiced Barbie and Ken . . Читать полностью -->

`Toy story 3` became the highest grossing animated film

`Toy story 3` became the highest grossing animated filmAnimated film "toy Story 3" Pixar has become the highest grossing animated film of all time. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the data of the Disney company.The picture, released 16 June 2010, were able to collect throughout the world over 920 million, overtaking those in the animated film "Shrek 2" from DreamWorks Animation.In addition, "toy Story 3" hit the four most successful projects of the company Walt Disney. First place in this ranking is the film "pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's Chest" (1.07 billion dollars), the second line was a picture "Alice in Wonderland" (1.02 billion dollars), and on the third "pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end" (961 million).The first part of "toy Story" was released in 1995, collected in world hire of 362 million dollars. In 1999 there was a sequel, which managed to earn 485 million dollars. In January 2006 the Studio Pixar, who created these paintings were purchased by Walt Disney. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 7.4 billion.In the third part of "toy Story" tells the story of how living toys, among which cowboy woody and space Ranger buzz, escapes from kindergarten. Читать полностью -->

Zidane: the French Team will overcome their problems

Zidane: the French Team will overcome their problems"The team has the opportunity to overcome their problems thanks to the victory in the match against South Africa, said the famous captain of the national team of France of football Zinedine Zidane.- Things can change for her. I hope France still has chances to qualify from the group. The hope is still alive, although all that has been said in the last days, says the opposite.In his opinion, in the event of failure of the national team of France, the situation in the team will change for the better with the arrival of a new coach - former player of the national team and mentor Bordeaux coach Laurent Blanc. "With the arrival of Blanc's team will change", said legendary football player.With regards to the conflict with Domenech, Anelka, Zidane noted that this information was not supposed to appear in the press. "No one approves of what he did or said Anelka. What I agree with is the fact that it wasn't supposed to come to light. Читать полностью -->

Feminists demand to ban the film `Alien`

Feminists demand to ban the film `Alien`Feminists from the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the society "Women's Congress" demand to ban the movie "Alien.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan signed up for kickboxing courses

Lindsay Lohan signed up for kickboxing coursesOn the days of the weekly "In Touch" has put on its cover a photo of the actress with the caption: "Lindsay LOHAN wants a baby!".According to the tabloid, Lilo hates loneliness and believes that the child is the perfect solution for her.Starlet Lindsay Lohan wants to take an example with my ex "subutility" Nicole Richie, who recently settled down and live a quiet life.:Lindsay needs something that would distract her 24 hours a day, said the magazine's source allegedly close to the actress - She thinks the birth of a child will help her sort out her life.Just a few hours portal "Gossip Cop" who have contact with Lindsay, has managed to give a rebuttal to this article.- I believe that to become a mother to me early yet, " said Lohan. - Now I want to first improve health, to find a loved one and to marry later and have children.Now Lilo continues to live his life and recently started to attend courses in kickboxing. Must be the singer and actress decided to take an example from her friend Paris Hilton, who recently also signed up for Boxing. Source: Lindsay Lohan signed up for kickboxing courses. . . Читать полностью -->

Dan brown is recognized as the most unnecessary writer

Dan brown is recognized as the most unnecessary writerDan brown was the "unnecessary" people writer on the results of the annual report of the charitable Corporation Oxfam, reports The Daily Telegraph.It turned out that the donors gave to Oxfam bookshops brown's novels more than any other writer. In this case, and the buyers were interested not very active: brown closes the top ten best-selling authors on the version of Oxfam.The ranking of the most successful books was led by detectives author Ian Rankin. Brown also surpassed J. K. Rowling, Steig Larsson, Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Terry Pratchett and Kate Atkinson.Oxfam is the largest European street retailer of used books. In the UK the company is the third-best selling book network: in a month she sells books at 1.6 million pounds. Читать полностью -->

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